About Baytouch and our cloud solutions

How our cloud solutions developed

Baytouch is a long-established provider of high added-value solutions and specialises in compliance software for the global chemical manufacturing and chemical using sectors. Our initial offerings were principally Environmental Health & Safety solutions for the Anglo-American chemical industry. This developed into our PSMmonitor product, where robustness and reliability are key. We were pioneers in delivering our solutions in the “cloud”.

In 2008 we developed ReachSuite to support Lead Registrants and Consortia managers in their EU REACH activity. This requires the registration of substances to comply with the then new EU REACH legislation. In the first round of REACH registrations in 2010, 17% of all registered substances were managed through our ReachSuite product, which fast became the system of choice globally for many leading companies.

Capitalising on our experience with these two products we developed ProductTraq from the ground up.  The need, which we recognised through our close relationships with our customers, was to track the tonnages of substances being placed on the market. This often involves complex mixture compositions and substance volume tracking is necessary to ensure a company can remain in compliance with EU REACH-specific tonnage bands. Using customisable substance volume tracking reports, which are a unique feature of ProductTraq, our customers were very pleased to then find that they could use ProductTraq to fulfil the regulatory requirements of other regulatory regimes that used the same concept of tonnage bands, for example K-REACH.

Our customers

Our customer base is varied. We pride ourselves on our customer service and excellent and often long-standing business relationships with our client companies. They range from FTSE 100 global article manufacturers to small chemical distributors and medium-sized global chemical product manufacturers. We also work with consultancies offering EU-REACH Only Representative (OR) and consortia management services.

Our partners

Concentrating on our chemical compliance software tools, we are uniquely independent of any one chemical industry consultancy services provider.  As such we continue to work with a number of consultancy partners in the USA, UK, and mainland Europe.

Where we are

Baytouch is based in the northwest of England 25 miles/40 kilometres north of Manchester.

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