Monitoring Process Safety in high risk chemical manufacturing sites in the UK, Europe and North America since 1996

Compliance with Environmental Health and Safety and Process Safety Management regulations is both a legal necessity and good business practice for any business that uses or stores hazardous chemicals and is serious about risk management.

Who is PSMmonitor for?

Environmental Health and Safety managers,  and Process Safety managers monitoring incidents and managing change on high-risk chemical manufacturing sites.

Key Features of PSMmonitor

  • Cloud-based – low support overhead
  • Subscription Based – no upfront investment cost
  • Configurable – quick setup
  • Apply learning from Incidents, Near Misses and MoCs
  • Continuous Process Safety performance improvement

PSMmonitor – Accident & Incident

  • 2-stage incident notification and reporting process
  • Significant incidents managed, investigated and reported
  • Root causes identified and acted on
  • Corrective actions processed

PSMmonitor – Management of Change – MoC

  • Formalised yet flexible
  • Integrated risk assessment and management program
  • For plant installations or changes
  • Multiple sign-offs
  • Automatic email notifications depending on the plant area and the change risk

PSMmonitor – Action Tracking

  • Ensuring PSM, PHA, HAZOP and other Actions are closed out
  • Actions feed in from multiple sources such as MoCs, Incidents, Audits, PHAs and Hazops
  • Configurable action sources
  • Overview of Action compliance for supervisors and managers
  • Verify actions have been completed
  • Dynamic onscreen reports
  • Automated email notifications of current and overdue actions
  • Easier and more efficient than spreadsheet sharing!

PSMmonitor – Learning Notifications

  • Knowledge retained
  • Knowledge shared
  • Learning through case reviews and incidents
  • Individual Learning Management record
  • Increase awareness of plant activity
  • Improve safety
  • System reminders
  • Learning Management reviews