Powerful solutions supporting REACH registration

About REACHsuite

REACHsuite has become the established platform for REACH Lead Registrants and SIEF consortia to collaborate on resources and communicate with SIEF members and joint registrants.

Since 2008, REACHsuite has facilitated the work of Lead Registrants, large REACH consortia and trade associations in preparing for REACH Registration, reducing the cost of administration to multiple joint registrants and promoting efficient best practice.

Following the final registration deadline for 1-10 tonnes of substances in May 2018, REACHsuite continues to support communication with registrants and the processing of Letters of Access.

SIEF Members and Joint Registrants

If you have been contacted previously by a Lead Registrant or you know that REACHsuite is the platform that you need to use to obtain a Letter of Access from the Lead Registrant, click the button to find out more.

Lead Registrants and SIEF Managers

Are you a Lead Registrant, or a service provider supporting any number of Lead Registrant companies or REACH Consortia in their EU REACH activities?  If you would like to know about how REACHsuite can help you to communicate and collaborate effectively with joint registrants and efficiently manage Letters of Access and disemination of registration materials, then click the button to find out more.